The Technology Department

About Us:
Britt Shaw is our Chief Technology Officer, Ricky Roope is our full time technician, and Amy Alley is our NCWise Coordinator and part time technician. 

Britt Shaw - CTO
Phone: 336-835-3858 ext. 250 EHS
Phone: 336-835-2756 ext. 306 EES
Fax: 336-835-8573 

Ricky Roope - Technician
Phone: 336-835-3858 ext. 254 EHS
Phone: 336-835-2756 ext. 306 EES

Scottie Moore Technician
Phone: 336-835-3858 ext. 251 EHS
Phone: 336-835-2756 ext. 306 EES

Amy Alley - NCWise / Technician
Phone: 336-835-3858 ext. 253 EHS
Phone: 336-835-2756 ext. 306 EES

What do we do?

If you didn't know there was a Technology Department ... now you do. We are the ones that design and maintain the data networks within and between the four campuses that make up Elkin City Schools. We prepare and distribute all computers, other network devices, and many peripherals that most everyone in the district uses - teachers, students, administrators, support staff ... everyone. We maintain the local network services such as e-mail, voice mail, Internet access and Web Sites.

The Technology Staff